April 14, 2021

What You Will Do If You Lost Car Registration Paper

Here is the full discussion about an essential thesis. If suddenly, you lost your car license. What to do now? How to handle it? It is also essential to have a driving license and other car documents when driving. However, if it is lost, you will need to collect a copy from the BRTA authorities. Otherwise, if you drive the car, you have to count the cost of the case. Follow the text below to know details about it that how can you solve the problem.

What Is Car Registration Paper? The importance Of It

The car registration certificate is an official document and it providing of registration of a car. The registration paper’s main purpose is to establish a link between the vehicle and the vehicle owner. This link is used for taxation or crime detection purpose. Registration paper helps to identify every car uniquely. Every registered car displays a car registration plate and carries a vehicle registration certificate. It is very important for every car user to registered their vehicle officially.

What Is Car Registration Paper

What Will You do After Lost Car Registration Paper?

After losing a car registration paper, you will have to follow some rules to resolve the problem. If you lost your car registration paper, you don’t be unconscious about it. You have to try to get back your license by some rules. I have already provided here those rules successively in the text below. Please follow the article very carefully till the last.

If you have lost your driving license, you must first make a general diary (GD) with the police station. Then you have to take the traffic decontamination on the copy of that GD from the traffic control room. To get traffic clearance, you need to find out from the BRT office where the traffic control room is located under your police station.

After taking the traffic decontamination, a copy of GD and a photocopy of the driving license along with a photocopy. After giving the money, along with the deposit tally, a copy of the Voter ID card, a copy of the GD, a photocopy of the driving license, two copies of passport-sized photos, and a digital form should be filled and submitted to BRT’s licensing counter.

After some time, the servitor of that room will call you by your name, provide the verified paper to you and re-submit it to the licensing counter. You will have to wait for a few minutes after submission. Sometimes you need to find out if your paperwork has been attained. This means that the licensing counter will give you an acknowledging receipt along with other documents.

When you enter the room with your name on it, the office will give you a token with an appointed date of issuance of the driving license after matching your countenance with the picture with your driving license and will return you other documents, including acknowledgment of receipt.

Afterward, You will be proclaimed on the date specified in the token or the date of collection of your driving license via SMS. You have to collect the BRT office’s driving license within 7 days from that date; otherwise, there may be a delay in getting the driving license. You can drive with the acceptance of receipt until you get the driving license. Until the license is gained, the acknowledgment acquirement will act as the driving license.

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I suggest that after losing the registration paper, don’t take it easy. This issue can be very harmful to you later. Take the necessary steps as soon as possible. Without registration paper, it’s precarious to drive a car on the Bangladeshi road.

Moreover, if you need any more information about the topic, After analyzing the important information that may need any time, I came to the article’s ultimate part. I hope you got all the detailed information to solve the problem when you lost your car registration paper. The article, of course, beneficial to you if you also face the problem. If you also think that the article is beneficial to you, then share the information with your familiar person. But, if you have any objection bias against the article, then please inform me by comment. I will fix the article as soon as possible.


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