April 14, 2021

Some Effective Ways To Increase Car Engine Performance

A long time work probably a car engine may lose some working ability. But you know it is possible to increase the car engine performance by following some tips. The adage ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’ applies not only to people but also to machines. The main part of a car is the engine. If the engine is good, you can expect to drive comfortably. If you didn’t find any solution to increase your car engine performance, it is suitable for you to solve the problem. Keep reading it attentively.

7 Possibly Ways To Increase Car Engine Performance

It is possible to increase your car engine performance from before, but you just have to follow some tricks. Now let’s go to know about increased car engine performance. I have presented here 7 ways to improve your car engine performance. If you need it, please follow the article carefully till the last part.

Spark Plugs

Firstly, check your car’s spark plugs. Spark plugs produce sparks and help the engine run on fuel. The task is easier if the spark plug is clean. Older spark plugs may not produce sparks at the right time. So if the spark plug is old, it needs to be replaced. It’s right that spark plugs don’t need to replace very often. But you have to choose a high-quality spark plug.

Spark Plugs

Use A Cold Air Intake

From time to time, take some natural air beside your car’s air condition. Always open the car window without turning on the AC in the car. Enjoy a little nature by opening car windows while driving off-road or long road. This will reduce the fuel consumption of the car. The mind will be cheerful.

Cold Air Intake

Check The Air Filter

Air filter check is also important, which depends on your car engine performance. From time to time, check your air filter. If your car’s air filter is unclean, your car’s fuel consumption will be increasing because the airflow in the engine is obstructed due to the unclean air filter. As a result, the performance of the engine decreases. And because of this, the engine consumes more oil or fuel. Car manufacturer company recommended changing the air filters every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. But if you drive on a dirty or rural area road, you must have to check your air filter more frequently. It depends on which road you are driving your car on.

The Air Filter

Car Air Filter

Upgrade Your Wheels

Did you know that your tires consume oil from your car? If you think the engine alone consumes oil, then you are wrong. Your car’s tires also have the ability to consume oil. And car tires get this power only when the pressure of your car tires is not right. To solve that problem, upgrade your car’s wheels as soon as possible.

Car Wheels

Upgrade Your Battery

All the power needed to start a car comes from its battery. So there is no alternative to keep the car running and keep its battery running. So always take care to keep the battery clean and make sure it does not vibrate. You can also upgrade your battery to improve your car performance. It recommended changing the car battery every 4-5 years. But if you want better performance, you need to check the battery voltage, acid quality and need to change if it’s important after consideration. Car battery voltage is usually 13V, and fully charged car batteries usually measure around 12.6V. Measure car battery voltage after full charge, and change if it’s necessary.

Car Battery

Invest In A High-Flow Catalytic Converter

You can also use catalytic converts to increase your car engine performance. A high-flow catalytic converter the harmful exhaust gases produced by the conversion engine to less harmful emissions before leaving the vehicle’s exhaust system.

High-Flow Catalytic Converter

Use High-Performance Tires

To increase your car engine or mileage, you have to use high-performance tires.  If your tires are not high-performance, your car’s fuel consumption will increase. So replace the tires to improve your car engine performance. Check and maintain the balance of the tire pump. Recommended tire pressure of passenger car is 32 psi to 35 psi when tires are cold. Some tires have a seal of recommended pressure sign with the tire body. You must bear in mind about perfect tire pressure for getting better performance. And the most important thing about a tire is tire width. You have to choose the perfect size tire (width: P 225, Aspect Ratio: 60, Dim Diameter: R16, Load Rating: 82S) for your car.

High-Performance Tyres


If you take care of these aspects of the engine, the engine can provide good service for a long time. If the condition of the engine is tiptop, the fuel consumption is reduced automatically. I will finish the article now. What is your opinion after reading the whole article? Inform me by comment. Moreover, if you have any questions related to the topic, then leave a comment. If you think that the article is beneficial to you, then please share it with your familiar person to help him. Thank you for remaining with me in the long run.


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