April 14, 2021

Toyota Allion Vs Toyota Premio- Which One Is Better?

Planning to buy a car from the Toyota brand? That’s great! In recent times, Toyota is one of the illustrious car brands in the world. Toyota is the best selling car in the reconditioned car market in Bangladesh. Honda is next to this car manufacturer. I came here to share with you the full specification of two renowned cars of Toyota. These are Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio. Do you want to know the comparison between the two cars? Then follow the thesis carefully.

Toyota Allion Vs Toyota Premio

Let’s now go to know the quick comparison between the cars. I have already presented here the cars’ specifications and comparisons. Follow the text below to know about it.

Comparison Toyota Premio Toyota Allion
Engine Performance 109-152hp 109hp
Fuel Consumption 8km/L -16km/L 15.6km/L -18.6km/L
Key Features Power seating
Ample legroom
Push-start ignition
Woodgrain trim
Center display
Powered equipment
Capacity 5 Passengers 5 Passengers

Interior/Exterior Comparison

Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion both are great inside and outside. There are also given both cars’ interior and exterior comparison. Now let’s go to look interior and exterior comparison of the two cars.

Toyota Premio

Let’s firstly know about Toyota Premio. Toyota Premio is an amenity. The seats of Toyota Premio came with nice padded. It is the most congenial to driving luxury. Also, the seat is electrically adjustable for quick comfort.
Besides, the front section of the Toyota Premio is broad enough to stay passengers comfortably. The middle section of the car is just fascinating and enjoyable seats.

Toyota Allion

The inside and outside of Toyota Allion are also impressive and pathetic. There are a power window control panel and power steering, which is pretty easy to turn in any situation quickly. Moreover, it has a fascinating control system which interdicts the causation of under and oversteering instance.

Now come to know about the outside of the Toyota Allion. The outside of the car is nicely arranged. The car came in many different colours: white, blue, black, red, silver, and beige.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency Comparison

A good engine and fuel efficiency performance is the first condition if you want to buy a car. There are given both cars’ engine and fuel efficiency specification. Take a look at these cars’ engine and fuel efficiency comparison.

Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio has 3 kinds of engine and fuel grades. These are-

  • The Toyota Premio F: Toyota Premio F came with a 1.5 Liter 1NZ-FE engine, CVT transmission, and supports 2WD. The fuel efficiency of the car is 8km/L on the city road and 15km/L on the highway.
  • The Toyota Premio X: The Toyota Premio X came with a 1.8-litre engine. There have two CVT transmissions. You can select any transmission. These are 2WD and 4WD. The fuel economy of the car is 9.5km/L on the city road and 15km/L on the highway.
  • Toyota Premio G: The version of Toyota Premio G came with a 2.0-litre engine. There has a 2WD CVT transmission. The fuel economy of the car is 10km/L on the city traffic and 16km/L on the highway.

Toyota Allion

Like the Toyota Premio, it also has 3 grades of the fuel efficiency of Toyota Allion. These are-

  • The Allion A15: The fuel efficiency of the Allion A15 is 18.6km/L.
  • The Allion A18: The fuel economy of the Allion A18 is 17km/L.
  • The Allion A20: It has an average fuel consumption of about 15.6km/L.

Final Decision

What is your verdict after reading both cars’ specifications that which one is better for you? Both the Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion are impressive and fascinating cars in recent times. Both provide affordable fuel consumption, which wants everyone.

Both the two cars came with almost the same specification with an impressive design inside and outside the cars. The main difference between the two cars is that Toyota Premio has 2 kinds of CVT options: 2WD and 4WD, which is not available in the Toyota Allion. In conclusion, I will declare that the Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion are both suitable to buy.

I will finish the article now. In the article, I tried to add all the correct information collected from a genuine source. Inform your opinion by comment after reading the article from beginning to end. If you have any question or any objection related to the topic, please leave a comment. Thank you for visiting the site and remaining with me in the long run.


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