April 14, 2021

Car Driving License In Bangladesh (Complete Guide)

A driving license is a very needed paper for driving. It is not just a paper; it is the government granted permission for driving. You all should have a driving license for driving in any country. In this article, I will write about a driving license, the importance of a driving license, how you can get a driving license, and the driving license renewal process.

What Is A Driving License?

A driving license means official permission from the government for driving. Generally, it can be received after a driving test. A license issued under the governmental authority and permits the holder to operate a motor vehicle is called a driving license. A driving license is often made with plastic and is sized like a credit card. Here I am making an article about the importance of driving license and getting a driving license.

Importance Of The Driving License In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) is the authority that issues driving licenses in Bangladesh. Among the 62 administrative circles, BRTA is stationed in 32 districts. A driving license is crucial for a motor vehicle driver. After all, it is not only a paper. It is the governmental permission for driving a motor vehicle on the road. If you don’t have a driving license, you will not be able to drive a vehicle. Without a driving license, driving is a crime. You may have been arrested by Bangladeshi police for this crime if there hasn’t a driving license with you.

How To Get A Driving License?

First, you have to apply for a Learner or Apprentice Driving License in the prescribed form of the BRTA, and then you can apply for the original license. There need some important documents for applying for a driving license.

Some Required Documents For Applying For A Driving License-

1.A copy of a national ID, birth certificate, or passport.
2.Newly 3 copies stamped and 3 copies passport size photographs.
3.Medical certificate by a registered doctor.
4.Fees, such as Tk.345.00 only for motorcycles, and Tk.518.00 for motorcycle and light vehicles.

After getting a normal driving license,  you can apply for a smart card driving license if you want. If you want to get a smart card driving license, you must require some documents also.

Some Required Documents For Getting A Smart Card Driving License-

  • Apply in the prescribed form by the BRTA office.
  • A copy of national identity card, birth certificate, or passport will be required.
  • Medical certificate by a registered doctor.
  • Professional license for – Tk.1680.00 (with 5-year renewal) and Tk.2542.00 for amateur licensor (with 3-year renewal fee).
  • Recently taken 5 copies of passport size photo.
  • Police license report should be submitted if the license is a professional—medical certificate by a registered doctor.

Driving License Renew Process

There have two types of Driving license. One is a professional driving license, and the other one is a learner driving license. A professional driving license is for those who are driving a car professionally. And learners driving license is for them who drive the car as their hobby.

Learner Driving license

At first, the fixed fee (including 15 days of expire – Tk. 2185 and after the expiry – Tk. 2385) has to be submitted with the necessary papers to the BRTA office. If the papers are granted right then, the customer’s biometric will be taken on the same day. After completing the printing process, it will be confirmed to the customer by SMS.

Professional Driving License

The customers applying for a professional driving license have to take part in a practical examination. After passing the examination, they have to pay a fixed fee (including 15 days of expiry – Tk. 1323 and after the expiry – Tk. 1523) and apply them with the required papers. If the papers are granted right then, the customer’s biometric will be taken on the same day. After completing the printing process, it will be confirmed to the customer by SMS.

Required papers-

  • Form 9, i.e., the application form for renewal of the driving license. This form can be collected from your nearest RTO office or can be downloaded online.
  • Form 1 and 1A for declaring your medical fitness. You can collect the form from the RTO office or can download it online.
  • Expired driving license
  • Age and address proof
  • 3 passport size photocopies
  • Driver refreshing certificate in case of heavy motor vehicle

BRTA Driving License Online Application

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority is the full form of BRTA. You can download all the required papers for applying for a driving license from the internet for free. To download, click the following link –

Download The Online Application Papers PDF Copy

This article is all about the driving license. Here I have mentioned all the details about a driving license. For creating this article, some important information was taken from a valuable website on the internet. If there have any wrong data, please inform us of the right one by adding a comment on the comment box. Stay with us for the next update.


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